Project & IT Consultancy Services

D & B Project Services, we are based in Melbourne Australia and can provide advice on how to manage your next project based on years of practical experience.

We can also through our extensive partner network, also assist you in other locations around the world.

D&B Project Services can provide consulting services for your organisation, for a program of work, or for just that single project.

D&B Project Services have assisted organisations in the following areas:

Reviewing the project management practices in the organisation

Risk Management and IT Governance

Setting up a Project Office

Troubleshooting projects that are in trouble

Project Audit to identify weak points in a project

Selecting software and planning the implementation

Infrastructure Upgrades and virtualisation

Methodology review and implementation

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Project Auditors LLC

D&B Project Services key partner and
working company.

PMI Global Website

PMI's global wesbite covering certification any other key PM Information.


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