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Project and Programme Management is becoming one of the pre-eminent business skills of the 21st century, not least because an increasingly complex and competitive business environment demands a professional and reliable approach to change.

This belief is supported by evidence from organisations around the world where Project/Program capability in 70% of companies is where projects fail to meet their objectives.

In the current tough trading conditions it is becoming increasingly important that the success of projects and programmes is not left to chance. Why?

Well if projects are not successful then resources or profits are severely impacted and customer or stakeholder satisfaction is significantly reduced.

So, the success of your projects should not be left to chance, that's clear.

D&B Project Services provide Project/Program Management services overseeing a variety of projects across a wide spectrum of industries and business functions.

Productive from day one, our Project Managers are well-versed in the application of program and project management and associated methodologies with access to all of our industry best practice processes, templates, and models.
Our highly-seasoned PMP-certified professionals have the extensive project and program management experience required to effectively lead programs of all sizes and complexities.

Our Program Managers are trained to interact with your management executives to achieve success for your program as well as provide constructive and objective recommendations on ways to improve your project management environment.

Our Program Managers can also support your strategic initiatives including acquisition and vendor & stakeholder management. D&B Project Services Project Managers are experienced in managing a diverse array of IT projects with the ability to develop a delivery approach that is tailored to fit the needs of your project, your sponsors and your technical environment.

D&B Project Services are able to provide 1st class project and programme managers, to complete agreed deliverables, complete project audits, or complete project recovery services to get that project back in scope/cost and agreed timelines.

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