Project Management Training

'Accidental project managers' are on the rise. It is estimated that almost 2/3 of employees in project manager roles lack the necessary training and experience necessary to achieve successful projects.

A recent survey has shown that 58% of people surveyed agree that their projects rarely meet time, cost and quality targets.

Accordingly the importance of project management training and certification is on the rise..

At heart, project management is about getting important things done.

"Project management" is done everywhere, every day - informally. Buying a new car is a kind of "project" requiring management. It's a process with a beginning and end - which can end in success or failure.

The same thing occurs in organisations that initiate projects - except the investments get a lot larger. This is where skilled project managers become essential.

The formal discipline of project management exists to ensure that organisations of all kinds can deliver their projects successfully - again and again. Project managers are in demand globally because their unique skills enable organisations to take on large, complex, expensive projects - led by project delivery experts.

D&B Project Services offers a range of project management awareness and skill courses, to compliment your skill requirements.

D&B Project Services has completed training locally in Australia, across Asia/Pacific, or has alliance partners in other International Locations

Contact D&B Project Services to see what PM skill/competency courses we can tailor/undertake at your company.



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